Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • barmann
    Apr 1, 10:46 AM
    Reading through this thread, I was wondering how many people defending the iPad are actually aware of its inherent shortcomings for professional users , and have actually used programs like Photoshop .

    The iPad was never meant to be used by professionals, it is not compatible with pro apps and devices on a basic level, like colour spaces, connectivity, file import/export, tethering, to name a few .

    As it's been pointed out before, finger gestures are a crutch, not an enhancement, just like they were since the introduction of trackpads .

    SJ called the iPad a post-PC computer - nothing could be further from the truth.
    It might help to develop better input devices in the future, but right now Apple doesn't seem to be part of it, aiming their products at a retro oriented crowd which is merely asking for simplification, instead of progress.

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  • Sweetfeld28
    Apr 6, 12:24 PM
    That is a tremendous amount of storage. Does anyone know if this is even comparable to Google?

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  • kainjow
    Mar 20, 03:34 PM
    This is piracy, not allowed here. See forum rules.

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  • Blakeco123
    Mar 23, 09:44 AM
    that looks like he's demoing leopard because he's using an old cinema display and the "Aurora"


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  • unlinked
    Apr 6, 12:57 PM
    Pity those who live a long way from the server, ouch! I notice a difference when I switch content providers from Manchester to London (I'm based in Manchester) on Steam. I don't think this data centre is for use outside the US...

    Steam seem to have a fair few data centers themselves. I guess the Apple equivalent will have a drop down with one entry.

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  • Moyank24
    Apr 27, 10:53 AM
    Something I like, times two.

    Next question please.

    Yes sir, you in the balcony, with your pants around your ankles.

    Bruised egos? How quaint.

    The male having a bruised ego because a lesbian isn't interested in him is just as cliche as the man-hating lesbian. I was being a bit sarcastic.

    I've actually met that kind of lesbian, at first I thought I was being trolled. The sane lesbians probably don't get seen because they are too busy being normal.

    With your beliefs, they probably weren't man haters, just a you hater. Maybe I surround myself with rare lesbians, but I haven't met one yet that hated men. Some of my best friends are men. ;)


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  • Lotso
    Aug 1, 05:39 PM
    "Now don't spill this" lol, I'm going to try that on my grandparents.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 24, 07:52 PM
    The why not is not the point. Its the fact that parents don't lose control the very second they're 18.

    They do in the eyes of the law.


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  • jsw
    Sep 24, 07:41 PM
    we sleep in the same room now but they think she sleeps on the spare bed :D
    Wanna bet? ;)

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  • stoveguy
    Apr 15, 12:56 PM
    might sell my MB and ship it to buyer. local ups store says they have never had any instances where item arrived DOA. they said getting insurance is cheap but don't think i will need it. its $9 additional but seems like a good idea. i am surprised store said it is not a big deal. i figure spend the money. covers lost or damaged item. what if MB won't power up for buyer?


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  • solace
    Oct 9, 03:05 PM
    I also just checked the App Store on my phone and it's not showing up yet.

    search Tweetie 2 (make sure you have the space), it took me 2 tries on my phone

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  • volantdefiat
    Apr 7, 07:44 AM
    12 pb per storage unit maybe.

    while it seems to be a mindbogling amount of data- it does not seem like a lot for datacenter storage.

    it will fill about 24 datacenter cabinets - the giganormous thing apple is building on the east coast should be able to host 1000's of such cabinets.

    to put it in perspective - some netbook vendors provide 250 gb of online storage with the purchase of their kit. if 40000 users fill up their allotted space with photos, videos documents etc , that will fill up 10 PB of storage. now consider there are 2.5 million ipads out there.... if mobileme users start using 100Gb a piece of online storage to store videos of their dog playing in the park etc. in the cloud, that is 250 million GB or 250 PB of data. so unless i am reading this wrong 12 PB doesnt seem to cut it.


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  • Penguissimo
    Mar 30, 11:29 PM
    Unfortunately the lowest version of PT that will run on Snow Leopard is 8.0.4. You'll have to stay on 10.5 or get an upgrade to at least PT 8.

    Sorry :(

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  • Yvan256
    Oct 6, 08:28 AM
    Then please go visit and see how user-applied changes break their designs to the point where elements are covered by others. Those designs usually apply to the W3 standards, and I bet they are far better at this things than either you or me.

    Having valid (X)HTML/CSS code doesn't mean it's well-coded. Some designers still think that webpages are static images where they (should) have pixel-perfect control. I hate those websites, some even go to the length of putting actual text content inside a GIF file because the browser couldn't render their 5-pixels-high font correctly.

    CSS Zen Garden shows how the web should be coded (XHTML structured content styled with CSS), but some of the designs (CSS files) are bad (yet use valid CSS code).

    If you view CSS Zen Garden with CSS disabled, you'll still have access to the content. It won't be pretty, but it'll be there. Content is more important than style (style with no content is useless).


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  • thisisahughes
    Mar 31, 11:01 AM
    I'm excited.

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  • wnameth
    Feb 3, 06:23 PM
    hey, bought a wireless internet card on the eBay the utility program i am running for it now is called realtek WLAN cliant utility, my internet keeps cutting out, i have to redo the scan, and then connect to my router, it is happening more and more frequently, i need help!!!


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  • asphalt-proof
    Apr 21, 09:47 AM
    That isn't entirely true. iPhone 1,1 (and soon iPhone 1,2) users can't run all apps. Anything that requires 4.0 (probably 4.3~5.0 for iPhone 1,2) won't run. Neither will things that require a certain amount of horsepower (say like Infinity Blade).

    REALLY? You're going to throw a 3 and 4 year old phone into the argument? Fine. How many old Android phones can run all the available apps. Heck, how many Android phones less than a year old run all the apps available?:rolleyes:

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  • mcdj
    Mar 28, 12:07 AM
    the guy deserves to lose the money for being stupid.

    That's like saying if someone crosses the street without looking both ways, they deserve to get hit by a car. It's just this kind of Neanderthal "logic" that scumbags like the seller employ to brainwash themselves into thinking they're anything more than pure scum.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 16, 12:07 AM
    There's just no reason for some people to be alive after what they've done.

    There is one - I see no reason that we should kill them.

    I'm perfectly satisfied with locking criminals away for the rest of their natural lives for the mot heinous crimes. I don't see a compelling reason for us citizens to kill criminals through the state. That isn't justice. That is revenge, or blood lust. It's barbaric.

    Aug 21, 11:57 AM
    Awww! Thanks. :)

    Apr 4, 11:54 AM
    I love all the 'worst carrier ever' comments. Do none of you realize VZW is already charging that much?

    Feb 11, 07:49 PM
    I didn't lose any of my roll-over minutes. I have ~1200 and am on the 450 individual plan.

    They will fix it on the next bill. You'll only have 450 rollover minutes. The same thing happened to me.

    May 3, 08:21 AM
    I wasn't saying anything against donating blood, I commend that. I just pointed out that there aren't that many potential donors here to actively support that cause.

    Please can you clarify your statement about the lack of potential donors?

    Mar 20, 09:09 AM
    $75 for a website template?? Doesn't sound like your charging nearly enough money. That should be closer to $400 IMO.

    When I pay for logo design or a website, I pay by the job. I usually get a quote before we begin. I paid $100 for a logo design.

    Sounds like you dealt with the situation very well!

    Man! I've got a lot to learn :o Thanks for sharing those figures. The frustrating thing is the pricing spectrum for design is so wide, it's hard for a beginner to get a decent idea of what to charge. I guess I have to look at as many pricing sources as possible and and try to distill some figures? I have the "Graphic Artist Guild" handbook, but those prices are through the roof. I imagine they're for seasoned professionals working for major clients. Thanks again!

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