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  • Karthikthiru
    06-10 04:43 PM


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  • bandoayan
    11-06 10:59 PM
    I guess these are the cases of cross-chargeability where the principal applicant is born in India whereas the spouce is born in a non-retrogressed country like UAE. Here is the forum which explains on cross chargeability:


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  • vandu
    02-29 02:13 PM
    HI All,

    I have 3 questions

    1)what should be the time period between the Job switch from one employer to another after 6 months of filing of I-485.(AC-21)

    2)Is it required to be employed until i get my actual GC ?

    3) I am in the period of AC-21 (i.e 180 days completed after my I-485 filing)
    If I marry to GC holder . Do i still have to maintain my independent status of I-485 or i can be given some status because of marrying to him..


    Thanks for the help!

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  • msadiqali
    08-31 11:09 AM
    rfe for me was to give new job offer letter.
    i submitted one two years back. now they had asked for the same thing again,


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  • aarbi
    08-07 07:22 PM
    I know that the EAD card comes directly to the applicant and not to the attorney.

    What about RFE on EAD? Does that too come directly to the applicant?

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  • gimme Green!!
    06-17 11:18 PM
    Yes. you can file i140 and 485 concurrently



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  • obelix
    08-27 07:16 PM
    Those who were able to upgrade to premium processing before Jul 2, did you get a new receipt number for the upgrade? Or was the old receipt number valid?

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  • saty2010
    05-06 06:53 PM

    I am working on H1B from Oct 2009. My employer and client has one layer between of them. For some family reason I need to visit India for 10 days. Will it cause any problem / Issue on airport (immigration counter) when I will come back to USA ?

    In this case how can I prepare myself to face situation? What documents do I need to prepare to prove that even though I am working with one layer then also my employer control my salary and tax stuffs ?

    Waiting for reply, please help...!!!

    Thank You


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  • mgmanoj
    10-31 03:22 PM
    Need help

    I have approved labor for PD 2004 and I-140 got rejected in Dec'2006 due to education credential with 3 year degree. currently my I-290 is pending with AAO appeal for more than 10 months and my extension is based on that.

    New labor is filed in June'2007 and got approved in September. I-140 is pending for the new labor.

    My Current extension is getting expired in January 2008. If I get premium processed my extension on old case and if my appeal gets denied will my extension or my status gets invalid or I have valid extension upto next January to get other I-140 approval ?

    Please let me know ASAP so I can request premium process for extension.



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  • sareesh
    10-29 01:19 PM

    Thanks Chiwere.
    Can I refile under EB2?


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  • pussyket
    11-10 03:37 PM

    I have been married to a US Citizen for more than 6 years and my green card was issued 5years ago. My green card was issued thru marriage. On the N-400 application form for citizenship what should I use as my eligibility? marriage or being a lawful permanent resident for at least 5 years? Thanks :)

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  • asm
    10-24 07:34 PM
    My h1-b is expiring in decemeber, i applied for renewal 4 months back but it is stuck in security check. I can apply for 485 as my 140 is approved.
    1. if i apply for 485, then EAD can also go thur sec check?
    2. after 240 days if EAD is not available what are my options?
    3. I am planing to get married but cant bring wife on h4 as my h1 is not current, what are my options? if my 485 get approved or i use my EAD i wouldnt be able to bring her?


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  • Simon Henriksen
    07-16 06:46 AM
    I can offer your personal or small company a nice looking website for about $250.

    I can do simple flash, and HTML. I have experience with different kind of java scripts, and movabletype. I can set up a forum for you if you want that too.

    Intersted? Just reply, and tell me what you need and what imagine you have in your head.

    Simon Henriksen

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  • roseball
    03-19 07:22 PM
    Based on USCIS's last action rule, the status of an applicant depends on whatever petition is approved last. So, if her H4 is approved after her H1 COS, then she will be on H4.

    I am assuming you have applied for H1/H4 extension recently in regular processing. So the chances of her H1 COS getting approved first under premium are higher. So once you get her H1 COS approval, just withdraw her H4 petition.


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  • sanam9696
    06-13 09:42 PM
    Anyone has any idea?

    I have approved I140 (EB3, PD:Nov'04) from previous employer; after getting my MBA (Jun'06), I have changed the job and my job description has also changed. New employer will file the labor after 3 months (HR Policy)..I have good relations with previous employer, they are ready to file I485. Is it possible to file I485(previous employer), while I am working with new employer?

    I am not sure but I came to know (not reliable source), that it is possible to file I485(previous employer) and during the interview, I can submit a support letter from the new employer. is this correct?

    Requesting your help..so near...but so far!!!!!

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  • immiblues
    05-14 04:09 PM
    I am paranoid about losing my GC with me since I have on more than one occasion left misplaced my wallet, or left it at a restaurant, friends place, etc. Thankfully it has been returned to me with all contents intact and untouched every time. I do know that my luck will eventually run out so my question is this. Can I carry a photocopy of my GC instead and probably leave the original locked up in a firesafe at home? (I do not live in AZ, BTW)


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  • skv
    06-22 11:06 AM
    Good Morning Folks,

    How about this ? Lets say your consulting firm is ready to file your I-485 upon lots of restriction such as two year agreement and to spend around 10 gran.

    While the big firm who has filed the PERM and waiting for the approval. In this case, can we do both the cases to see which is better upon the current situation.

    This will help few of our folks and your thoughts are always appreciated.

    Thanks a lot guys.

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  • jitnair
    08-05 11:56 AM
    Saw in a IV post (looking for the link) that an NSC IO told that they will adjudicate applications with Name Check pending only if they dont hear back from FBI by November,08. Below link may offer some clues on why "November".


    Not to read too much in to what one IO might have said...but Wanted to see if there is any truth to this as I remember seeing folks approved with Namecheck pending on some forums. So pl. post here if you fit in to the above category.

    God only knows what is in stock for November visa dates.

    EB2, Sep 04
    NC: Pending (Per Infopass on 8/5)

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  • shreya
    02-16 09:17 PM
    H1-H4-H1 conversion --Please advice
    Posted Today at 10:14 PM by shreya

    I came US through H4.Currently on H1 since Oct 08. As Economy is bad,my employer couldnot place me in a project.So my employer is asking to convert from H1 to H4(by applying i-539) and once i get project can move back from H4 to H1, which will not come under seperate Quota as my H1 is already approved once.

    Can i know is this safe to move from H1 to H4 and then back from H4 to H1 once i get project.Will there be any issues in converting H4 to H1.What are the chances of getting H1 back.

    Please advice.Any suggestions is really appreciated.


    Steve Mitchell
    September 12th, 2007, 07:24 AM
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    03-05 12:02 AM


    I currently am on F1 Visa- OPT valid till June 2011.
    My employer will file for H1 this April.
    If my H1 is rejected for any reason, will I be eligible to work on F1 - OPT visa?


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