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    05-24 08:20 AM
    A year ago, Rahm Emmanuel tried to convince President Obama not to pursue health care legislation. It would be too divisive. Now he's making the same case on immigration and it is upsetting many pro-immigration Democrats. The problem is that President Obama was elected as an agent for change, not simply to be a status quo President who would mind the store until someone bolder comes along. I've been impressed that President Obama has indicated he would be content to be a one term President if that meant he could leave with major accomplishments under his belt. Let's hope his...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/05/immigration-advocates-wary-of-rahm-emmanuel.html)

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  • Domino
    11-03 02:14 AM
    If one has EB1 (Extraordinary Ability) Pending, is one allowed to stay in the US until the case is decided? I know it may takes at least an year for the final approval...

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  • anilsal
    01-25 10:12 PM

    I hope attorneys can give the definitive answer for you.

    Best of luck.

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  • shimul99
    10-26 09:53 PM
    Online status says my applications were recd on Oct 2/ 2007.

    My reciept notices show the right date in August.

    Is there any need to worry or notify any one about this?

    Please Advice.

    Thank you.

    Don't worry about the online status. Many people are receiving mismatched time between the receipt and online...


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  • atlgc
    09-15 02:01 PM
    how real or possible in getting visitor visa for my brother .

    he is under 30 and working in a non -it field and he is married but spouse doesn't work but studied M.tech in CS(just completed)they want to visit us for a month.myself and spouse both are h1-b and 485 applied. and he will be going to chennai consulate in india.

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  • ivx
    03-19 09:06 AM
    Bump. Anyone?


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    06-25 01:20 AM
    Via The New York TImes

    "It was an unusual sign, even for a restaurant here along the Maine coast, where seasonal home-grown businesses are a way of life.

    �Closed. Gone to try and get a new visa,� read the hand-scrawled message taped inside the window of Laura�s Kitchen, a cozy eatery that specialized in corned beef hash and omelets and where the tiny tables were still set with brightly colored napkins. �Hope to see you in the spring. Dean & Laura.�

    Read Article (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/30/us/30visas.html)

    More... (http://ashwinsharma.com/2010/06/24/new-york-times-article-on-the-plight-of-e2-visa-business-owners-in-limbo.aspx?ref=rss)

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  • desi3933
    03-05 04:16 PM
    My question is can a L2 visa holder with EAD stay back and continue working in U.S.A, after L1 has left the country ?.



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    02-10 08:50 AM
    An interesting segment from ABC News' John Quinones. This is from the "What Would You Do?" series and the question explored is how customers in a restaurant will react to a security guard asking Latinos for their identification in a restaurant in southern Arizona. While the Arizona law has not yet taken effect and only applies to police officers and not security guards, ThinkProgress' Wonk Room rightly points out the threshold for stopping people is very low and it is pretty easy to envision these kinds of situations playing out.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2011/02/abc-news-segment-questions-how-ordinary-people-will-react-to-sb1070-in-action.html)

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  • kelvincoper
    01-19 06:51 AM

    have a look at my simple effect using blur Filter through actionscript. Hope this will please you.





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  • watertown
    08-03 04:08 PM

    Just want to share my latest info. As you know my case has been stuck in Boston-CIS since May 22, 2007 after interview. Latest SR got me a letter yesterday from local office stating "need to perform additional review...blah...blah..." On other hand I got another letetr last week from CAO-USCIS as Washington signed by a supervisor staing that my case is stuck coz "I never attended NSEER interview in 2003 and as a ocurtesy she has arranged for my interview at ICE office in Boston". I was amused coz my passport is littered with NSEER stamps and I had the same RFE during one of EAD renewal and after the reply they promptly approved the EAD!

    It speaks volume about USCIS's efficiency. Anyway, I'm saving all these letters and will file WOM at the beginning of next year.

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  • phillyag
    02-13 12:25 PM
    Which Form should I look for getting this information?
    I was using ETA Form 9089 page 11 0 Job duties. Is that the correct place to looks for ?

    My company


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  • balram79
    03-26 02:02 PM
    I resigned my job last year on Dec 15th 2006 by giving my employer a 2 weeks notice (dec 29th was supposed to be the last working day). A week later, i informed my employer that i won't be leaving them at which time, he suggested that i continue working as normal and that he would take care of un-doing the paper work. They had sent out a letter to INS to revoke my 797 even before my last working day with them. The HR contact has failed to follow-up and inform the INS of this development and am told last week that i have been out of status for 10 days now (March 10 was the day INS revoked my H1b). The company has accepted responsibility for this mess and are filing an accelerated H1b (premium) application this week. I had continued employment this whole time and never had any break in my payments. Are there any chances the INS won't put be back on H1 status with my company ?.
    Experts .. please advice.

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  • cvt123
    06-28 08:22 PM
    My manager got an email from USCIS saying my I140 is approved and they will mail the approval notice. Online case status show that approval notice emailed. But we haven't received any emails about the approval notice. Do USCIS sent paper approval notices??

    pl. reply.



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    09-02 10:10 PM
    Pew confirms what we've already assumed is happening. The number of illegally present immigrants has dropped 8% since 2007. The number is now about 11 million, down from peaking at 12 million. The annual migration of illegally present immigrants has dropped from about 850,000 a year a few years ago to just 300,000 a year today. Why? Probably a combination of a lousy economy and much more vigorous enforcement, particularly at the border. Here is the report for your viewing pleasure: pew hispanic study 08-2010 -

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/09/pew-study-illegal-immigraton-down-sharply.html)

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  • rkp27
    10-28 11:15 AM
    I was cited under open container law in state of NJ newark pennstation.will this impact on my immigration status . I am a july 2007 filer waiting for the GC and working on EAD


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  • john2255
    07-20 02:32 PM
    I am sorry to start a new thread but I feel the following thread is not getting the importance it should get. Everyone please dont miss the following thread. Its a big defeat during our celebrations.


    Major loss to us Cornyn amendment rejected

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  • sunandoghosh
    08-30 08:53 AM
    thanks for confirmation...i got so so worried

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  • kirupa
    10-27 02:25 AM
    What kind of an audio file are you going to be playing? Will it be something like a sound loop?

    The reason I ask is that, on the Windows Phone, you can use the XNA Libraries instead of Silverlight for some media playback scenarios :)

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    05-21 09:50 PM
    The USCIS, on May 18, 2009, once again provided an update on the number of filings for H-1B petitions for the fiscal year 2010 program.

    It announced that it has received approximately 45,500 H-1B petitions counting toward the Congressionally-mandated 65,000 cap. It continues to accept petitions subject to the general cap.

    I can report personally that the most recent H-1B regular cap I-129 petition that I filed was filed on May 11 and it was approved on May 15 � premium processed.

    Also, the USCIS announced that is has received approximately 20,000 petitions for aliens with advanced degrees, consistent with its prior update and it reconfirmed that it is still accepting advanced degree petitions because it assumes that not all the petitions it received are approvable.

    It�s beginning to look like the cap isn�t going to be reached any time soon and, who knows, maybe not at all this fiscal year.

    More... (http://www.philadelphiaimmigrationlawyerblog.com/2009/05/h1b_cap_update_from_the_uscis.html)

    07-10 10:38 AM
    Gandhigiri round 2
    Cookies for DOS/ USCIS family members? Now this is not from a movie. if someone slaps you one side, offer the other side ;)

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