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  • pdakwala
    03-18 01:28 PM
    Hello everyone,

    This week because of recess all the senators will be in your home town. From March 27 things will move very fast. This is the last chance we all have to meet the senators since they are in their hometown. So no matter which bill comes to the floor, in the last week of March or the first week of April it is very important that we do following things:

    1. During congressional recess contact Senators offices for meetings.
    2. Call our Senators in their local office and talk to them on phone.
    3. Send fax, letters and emails.

    Please keep checking WWW.IMMIGRATIONVOICE.ORG regularly since new materials will be posted frequently. Whenever and wherever you get a chance, please convey your senators that Legal immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed.

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  • nmed
    10-19 07:36 AM
    My six-year H1B expires Feb 2 2010.
    My employer (company A) filed PERM with DOL on July 30 2009.
    I have spent a total of 2 months outside the U.S while on H1B status.
    I have been on bench since July without paystub.
    I am leaving the U.S on October 30 2009 and am interested in returning back
    through another company

    Can I return to the U.S through another employer (company B) on a new H1B visa after Feb 2 2010... How long would that visa be valid for.

    If I cannot get a new visa; can I add the total of 5 months spent outside
    the US on the current h1b visa for recapture through another employer (company B) after Feb 2 2010 -- return to the U.S; and then
    subsequently apply for a 1-year extension after July 31 2010
    based on company A's PERM filing.


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  • jkamel5
    06-06 02:28 PM
    I just got H1B. My wife is currently on her F-1/OPT. Can anyone guide me where I can find required documents to apply for H4 for my wife? Do you think I can do it myself or it needs a lawyer?
    Thank you,

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-22 03:21 AM
    As we prepare to extend healthcare insurance to another 40 million people in the U.S., do we have enough physicians to care for them? According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, over 25% of our population lives in medically-underserved areas where there is less than one primary-care physician for every 3,500 patients. Even under our present healthcare system, the Association of American Medical Colleges projects a deficit of 159,000 physicians by 2025. At least 15 medical specialty societies have released studies projecting shortages in their fields. The American Academy of Family Physicians predicts a shortage of 40,000...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/carlshusterman/2009/11/universal-healthcare-without-physicians-.html)


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  • karanp25
    08-26 09:00 PM
    I tried calling Nebraska Service Center using the 1-800 number and then entering the POJ options. But it seems USCIS has a new system in place and there's no way to reach the Service Center anymore.

    Looks like they ended another means of communication---no more POJ? Please correct me, if someone knows the new options. Thanks!

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  • cox
    August 17th, 2005, 06:48 PM
    I agree with Henrik. Great color. Where'd you take this?


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  • glamzon
    09-11 03:08 PM
    close this thread ...

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  • Macaca
    09-06 05:22 PM
    Leaders Look to Protect Freshmen (http://www.rollcall.com/issues/53_22/news/19853-1.html) By Jennifer Yachnin | ROLL CALL STAFF, September 6, 2007 Thursday

    In an attempt to dissuade the Republican minority from offering contentious procedural amendments tied to the hot-button issues such as immigration, Democratic leaders are discussing how to give their lawmakers a vote that would inoculate them against such pressure in the future.

    The discussion comes as a new House select committee prepares to investigate an Aug. 2 vote that Republican leaders allege the Democratic majority mishandled, resulting in the defeat of a GOP-authored procedural measure that would have amended the fiscal 2008 Agriculture spending bill by prohibiting illegal immigrants from accessing certain federally funded programs.

    House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said he has discussed the issue with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), and leadership staff from both offices are working on a proposal.

    "I'm particularly concerned that these motions to recommit are tinged with a bit of ... let's just say this whole issue of immigration, it's too serious an issue for us to ... have it used as a wedge issue," Clyburn said, and later added: "We ought not be using this very serious issue in this way."

    Neither Clyburn nor Hoyer would provide details for any potential proposal, including whether the measure would be new law or a nonbinding resolution.

    "We're talking about a lot of options and I don't want to prejudge what options we're going to choose," Hoyer said.

    The Maryland lawmaker added that because the Republican amendment at the heart of the August incident would have restated existing law - a point the GOP refutes - Democrats could opt to ask the executive branch to enforce statutes already on the books.

    "We may just reiterate the law," Hoyer said. Democrats also have pre-emptively discussed expanding the new effort to other hot-button legislative areas targeted by the GOP.

    One Democratic lawmaker, who asked not to be identified, said the plan has been presented to some Members as a blanket measure that would prohibit the use of taxpayer-funded programs, such as food stamps, by immigrants in the country illegally.

    "The idea is to reject them out of hand because they'll be clearly redundant," the Democrat said. "They'll come up with some other ridiculous avenue to use, but hopefully this takes that off the table."

    But House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) spokesman Brian Kennedy immediately dismissed the Democrats' new plan, saying, "It's certainly a very clear indication of just how effective Republicans have been in using the motion to recommit to affect legislation."

    The procedural motion is one of the few options available to the minority party that allows it to offer legislative alternatives when a bill reaches the House floor, and it is used immediately before a final vote on legislation takes place.

    During the first half of the 110th Congress, the Republican minority has offered numerous motions - winning on 11 to date - that present difficult political decisions for Democrats, particularly the large number of freshman lawmakers in competitive districts.

    The National Republican Congressional Committee also targeted five Democratic freshmen in their districts Wednesday over the controversial August vote, more than six weeks after the incident. In press releases, the NRCC accused Democratic Reps. Jerry McNerney (Calif.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Zack Space (Ohio), Harry Mitchell (Ariz.) and Nick Lampson (Texas) of helping to steal "a vote in the dead of night," citing the lawmakers' decision to change their votes and oppose the Republican procedural measure after initially voting in favor of it.

    During the vote, three Florida GOP lawmakers, Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Mario Diaz-Balart, similarly switched their ballots to support the measure.

    House Democrats have thus far opted against issuing a blanket edict to rank-and-file Members to oppose the Republican motions, instead instructing lawmakers in April to object only to "killer" amendments that would shelve legislation.

    Despite the failure of nearly 20 Democrats to initially abide by those guidelines in early August - prompting some of the last-minute vote changes that contributed to the apparent disagreement on the House floor - Clyburn indicated that Democrats have no immediate plans to otherwise change their strategy on such motions.

    "I don't think anybody on our side confuses the issue - we know these are procedural issues," he added.

    But at his weekly press conference, Hoyer said he would speak with those Democrats who voted in favor of the Republican motion.

    "It presented a big problem. We are working on it. I am going to continue to work on it," Hoyer said, and later added: "In terms of the Members, the consequences are [that] I'm going to talk to them."

    In the meantime, the new House select committee established to investigate the disputed August vote is expected to soon hold its first meeting, following the appointment of its three Republican members Wednesday.

    Republican Reps. Mike Pence (Ind.), Steven LaTourette (Ohio) and Kenny Hulshof (Mo.) will work along with Democratic Reps. Bill Delahunt (Mass.), Artur Davis (Ala.) and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (S.D.). No meeting date was set Wednesday, but the committee is required to file an interim report Sept. 30, with a final report due in mid-September 2008.

    "I'm confident we're going to be able to put our heads together and follow the facts, be judicious and take an impartial and thorough look at what happened that night," said Pence, the panel's ranking member.

    Davis, noting that members of the committee have worked across the aisle, said: "The House voted for the committee and the committee will diligently do its work."


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  • alg
    06-02 06:44 PM
    Can the primary applicant travel on AP while an MTR is filed to appeal the denial for the dependent? NOD was issued as a result of CIS erroneously stating that the non-immigrant status of the dependent lapsed for over 180 days.

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  • moises07
    01-08 08:56 AM
    How can I wrap Text around a 3D object created in either Swift 3D v1 or v2?

    www.sigmalambdabeta.com (http://www.sigmalambdabeta.com)


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  • neerajkandhari
    10-22 12:16 PM
    I have filed for 485 /EAD and AP on july 2 2007
    receipt date is July 2 2007
    Notice date is Aug 29 2007

    I see the processing time is 90 day at Texas
    I called USCIS and they tell me that they count processing time from the Notice date and not from the date when the case was filed

    We have travel plans for this Dec

    Can some one pls guide me how and when i can get my AP soon

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  • priderock
    04-20 06:40 PM
    I got my labor approved in Jan (EB2 - RIR) , I say EB2 because because all the documentation was done supporting EB2 (BS + 5 years). My job requires that and I meet the criteria.

    However, when Applying my I140 , the lawyer screwed up and filed under EB3 and got approved.

    I very much want to go for EB2. Is it possible to file I140 again under EB2 with the same LC? If I want to re-file, do I have to or do they (USICS) cancel my previous I140 approval ?

    Is filing another LC under PERM and I140 safer route than using the current LC ?

    What is the best course of action ?

    I know there is a clear advantage today in being in EB2 over EB3 (PD wise) and it looks like most people are converting from EB3 to EB2. I am not sure whether there will be any advantage of being in EB2 over EB3 by the time my PD (oct 04) becomes current.

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.


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  • pappu
    07-28 11:43 AM
    Yes risks. There is a whole thread on this where I have written analysis of multiple filing.

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  • YesWeWillGet
    03-20 09:42 PM
    1. I am planning to work with a new employer on EAD. As i have heard in order to file AC21 the employer letter should present same job description as previous. I would like to know what are the other things we need to consider in order to be safe while filing AC21.

    2. I requested my current employer to provide the copy of Labor certification that was filed for me. I received the following response from XYZ Company Inc., DOES NOT RELEASE COPIES OF THE LC, AS IT IS OUR APPLICATION WITH THE DOL FOR A POSITION NOT AN EMPLOYEE AND IT IS CONSIDERED PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.
    How should I have to obtain the Job Code etc.,?

    Thank you


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  • mkrao
    10-04 02:08 PM
    My I 140 was transferred from NSC to washington DC office on July 27, 2007. Since then, Online case status does not say anything more than this. I am in my 7th year and worried. Does anyone has any idea as to why I 140 cases are transferred to local offices. Do local offices have authority to decide on I 140 cases? How long would it take for the local office to send a decision on it? How do I ollow up with the case? Attorneys / gurus please help..

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  • laddu0
    04-06 09:35 AM
    Hi Guys:

    My wife is out of country from October 2010. She was working on H1B. After birth of our son, she went to India for 6 month vacation. Will there be any issues if she re-enters US using H1B as she is having a job to continue with her employer.

    What are all the documents I need to take.

    Please advice.



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  • iam_amit
    07-17 10:51 AM
    MY PD is Nov-07. I was just wondering as my GC is for future employment. Can I go back to home country and come back when I get EAD.

    What are the limitations in this path. Do we always have to be in USA on valid H1B.


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  • buehler
    06-10 05:09 PM
    This is a old video which was created last year right after all those protest marches by the illegals. But pretty interesting for many of our new members.

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  • tillu
    04-02 10:04 PM
    Hi there,

    Please correct me if i am wrong.

    WH-4 Time line is within a year, means if betrayel/non payment happened with in a year from the date of reporting it will be investigated, and YOU CAN FILE WH-4 FROM OUTSIDE OF US ALSO, if your consultant company sent you back with fake commitments.

    But not sure if your h1 still have time, after DOL complain, you can transfer it or not??

    Anyone has any idea???

    This could have been usefull to ariesbkk18.

    Please confirm if this is correct.

    04-15 05:11 PM
    Thanks to Googler,

    i called TSC and after about 10 mins or wait, i was directed to a very nice lady. Who basically told me that they are processing April 30 application adn since mine is august RD, I have about 4 more months before they look at my file. So to answer, they do go by RD and not ND. She also tole me that my name check has been cleared. Its a matter of time now.

    I have not seen any updates on my case, since the LUD after FP. I do have a criminal issue, so I anticipate an interview. However, i have forwared all my court docs to them when i applied for 485. some attorneys tell me that interveiw may not even be needed since they have all the court docs. It was for a DWI 8 years ago.

    03-05 07:45 PM
    I applied for H1 on Oct 10 2010. I got an RFE - (relatively benign - proof of labor cert filing) on Feb 22. My attorney responded and they changed the status to RFE Response Review on March 3rd. Unfortunately, I'm planning to go to India on the 26th.
    - Would upgrading to Premium help at this time?
    - What is the typical response time between RFE response review and decision?
    btw, this application was processed in the Vermont Service Center.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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