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layers hairstyles

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  • 2010 Medium Layered Hairstyles

  • cubedflash
    01-28 06:53 PM
    Example: (

    Swift 3D Way:
    -Break apart the text
    -Rotate the individual letters
    -Place in desired location
    -Group and rotate object

    You can also take the Swift 3D file into Flash and place the letter in the desired location.


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  • sina
    01-10 09:33 AM
    I have a approved I140 from my current employer with prority date of may 2006. I had applied a labor long time back in Jan 2004 with another employer. This labor is approved now. Can I apply another I140 with the old empoyer without revoking the one that I have with the current employer as I want to stay with the current employer till I get the new I140 approved? Will applying the I140 with the old affect my current I140 approval.
    Please help, I have to decide soon.

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  • In: Layered Hairstyles|Long

  • prince_waiting
    09-12 09:46 AM
    I guess the illegal rally (no pun intended) is in San Jose. So there is no relation with our legal protest.

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  • Comiccmadd
    07-23 03:49 PM


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  • Layered Hairstyles

  • vallabhu
    02-04 01:10 PM
    Hi guys, How can i find out processing times for I290 B on I140 denial from Texas service center.

    My appeal for Motion to reopen (Appeal to Commissioner) reached them on 1/25/08 and I saw LUD on 2/1/08.

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  • weasel026
    04-20 07:27 PM
    you can only export swf files on the poser 4 pro pack witch is a bit of a downer considering i just purchaced poser 3 :(


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  • Asian layered hairstyle

  • Bhaskar_80
    07-29 12:23 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    My I140 was filed last week by my employer's attorney company in regular processing.
    Can you please let me know how long will it normally take to get a case number ?

    Thanks and Regards,

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  • tabletpc
    01-10 01:34 PM

    I am at present on non-cap h1b and i have asked an employer to file for a new caped h1b in april 2008.

    I have tentative plans of going to india in March end . In case i can't make it before april 1st back to US, can my new emplyer file for my New h1b while i am out side US...???

    Is there any rule that, lates i-94 needs to be sent while aplying for h1b..???

    greatly apppreciate any inputs....


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  • Hairstyle: Layers

  • hebron
    08-12 04:09 PM
    My I-140 was approved from Nebraska service center, but my attorney sent my I-485 case to Texas. I came across few people here on IV who have experienced the same.

    Did USCIS provide any information regarding this? If so could you provide the link?


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  • alexprvn
    09-05 04:50 AM


    <InkCanvas x:Name="inker" Margin="-8,94,8,8">
    <Image x:Name="img" Margin="-196.794,0,-1206.111,-1489.523" Height="1374.139" Source="311.JPG"/>

    in this above code i have kept image inside inkcanvas.
    this is how my application goes..
    where we can paint that image placed in it.
    Please help me how to fill a particular bounded area like a paint bucket in MSPAINT or in any other application.

    example: for a mickey mouse image filling it's ear with black color instead of brushing..


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  • Layered Shag Hairstyles

  • gc_kaavaali
    11-29 03:01 PM
    Congratulations!!! can u share your PD, category and RD?

    got my 485 aproval noice today... whew! after 5 years!

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  • Blog Feeds
    02-08 06:10 PM
    America's Voice has released a new report entitled The Power of the Latino Vote in the 2010 Elections. The organization released the following statement in connection with the report: Experts Highlight How Latino Voters Will Influence 2010 Elections 40 Competitive Races in 12 States Could Hinge on Latino Voter Turnout Washington, DC � The Latino vote has grown exponentially since 2000, changing the political landscape in more than a dozen states across the country, and is poised to be pivotal yet again in the 2010 cycle. According to experts on the politics of the Latino vote, who gathered on a...

    More... (


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  • vgnfw190
    01-28 09:44 PM
    Hi I am currently working as a contractor at a client from company C1
    C1 applied for my H1B last year and application is still pending + also added Premium Proc. last week, Application Still Pending
    At the same time company C2 applied my H1B last year and H1B approved but did not get the documents from USCIS, and applied for "Response on Approved Petition", That is still pennding(But Yes The petition is approved)
    But Fortunately or Unfortunately , I got a permananent job with a new company.
    I can start working with that company on OPT, and he will apply a new H1B this year.

    But , Instead of that Can I get one of my H1Bs transferred?
    Or is there a better way to handle this situation?

    I know its a mess... Can some one suggest me how to clear this mess?

    Thank You.

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-23 04:40 PM
    Dallas-Fort Worth Immigration Lawyer Has Just Posted the Following:
    U Visas: extended until February 1, 2010.

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) extended the filing deadline for temporary benefits of the U Non-immigrant Interim Relief Program. The temporary benefits program was set to expire December 31, 2009 but has been recently extended until February 1, 2010.

    H-1C Visas: expired December 21, 2009

    USCIS accepted H-1C non-immigrant temporary workers petitions expired December 21, 2009. The H-1C classification authorized up to 500 nurses annually to work in eligible health care facilities. Although the visa classification expired, nurses currently in H-1C status will not be affected.

    For new updates or changes, please visit the USCIS Web site (

    More... (


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  • 2006 red layers hairstyle

  • jkamel5
    06-06 02:28 PM
    I just got H1B. My wife is currently on her F-1/OPT. Can anyone guide me where I can find required documents to apply for H4 for my wife? Do you think I can do it myself or it needs a lawyer?
    Thank you,

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  • sunny1000
    05-30 02:25 PM
    05/30/2008: Corrected TSC I-140 Processing Times - Not 08/26/2007 But 07/16/2007

    * AILA has reported that the TSC corrected the error in its 05/15/2008 processing time report for the I-140 processing times. The date of 08/26/2007 was an error and the correct date should have been 07/16/2007. The official report will be corrected soon :(



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  • layered hairstyles side

  • I_need_GC
    06-19 12:05 PM

    My PERM was approved in 3 days filed on June 15, 07 approved on June 18. .

    I was lucky to be able to apply I-140, I-485 together during the July madness.

    Last Month I received an RFE on the I-140 for degrees and reference letters after sending I-140 approved in 2 weeks. Now I have received an RFE on my I-485

    They have asked for work authorization for the volunteering and internship I did while on F1. My atty by mistake put these on the G325A form. The internship was a cpt recorded on the I-20 so no worries there. Volunteering was where the problem is. It was working at a physicians office (my dad's office) helping in computer stuff.

    What do the Gurus recommend I do. I am worried that at this stage What can we do.

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  • keepwalking
    05-14 05:55 PM
    My priority date will become current on June 1st 2011. I will add my wife to green card process on June 1st 2011 (she is in US in H-4 status now). My I-485 is with Texas processing Center.

    If I leave my sponsoring (green card) employer after 3-4 months of getting my green card and join another employer or have my own company, does it affect my wife's green card that may be still in process

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  • GCNirvana007
    09-10 11:09 AM
    Does anyone know about the timeframe for this?

    10-29 12:32 AM
    Hi All,

    I am on L1A visa which is valid till December 30 2010. My 7 year limit on L1A will end with that date. I have applied for Labor on October 20, 2009 with another employer (not with the one who has sponsored L1A). Since I applied for Labor (PERM) can I apply for new H1B petition now based on the receipt number ? Please advice. Thanks in advance for your help.

    03-31 11:03 AM

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