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Choi Siwon

    Full Name: Choi Si Won

    Profession: Actor, singer and model

    Nickname: Simba

    Birthdate: 10 February 1987

    Height: 183cm

    Weight: 67kg

    Education: Hyun Dae High School, Inha University (Physical Education)

    Languages: Korean and Mandarin

    Hobbies: Taekwondo, playing drums and playing on the computer

    Religion: Christianity (Protestant)

    KPOP group: Super Junior(Vocalist),Super Junior-M(Vocalist)

    He was scouted by a talent agent when he was 16 as he was waiting for friends in front of his high school. He was recommended to audition for the Starlight Casting System to become an entertainer. Siwon's parents disapproved him pursuing in an entertainment career, so he had to secretly audition. He successfully passed auditions, and after consideration, his parents allowed him to sign under the talent agency SM Entertainment. Siwon said that although his father allowed him to sign the contract, he would not give any help to his son as he wanted his son to take responsibility in his actions.He later moved into dormitories with fellow trainees and he was trained in areas of singing, acting, and dancing. Siwon stated that SM Entertainment saw potential for him in acting, and thus gave him training in the field. He made his first appearance in a music video of The Grace's Dana when he was still a solo singer in 2003. A year after, he made a brief appearance in the short drama, Precious Family. In 2005, Siwon made a brief appearance in the KBS drama Eighteen, Twenty-Nine as the young Kang Bong-man.
    In late 2007, Siwon was put into Super Junior-M, the Chinese subgroup version of Super Junior. Super Junior-M is the first international music group in the Chinese music industry to have members of both Chinese and Korean descent, and brought an influence in the mainland music industry to produce multi-national music groups.The subgroup specializes in singing Mandarin songs, including versions of Super Junior's Korean songs, bringing the K-pop influence over to the Chinese music industry. Super Junior-M is the first international music group in the Chinese music industry to have members of both Chinese and Korean descent. Not long after Super Junior-M's debut, they became one of the most celebrated boy-bands in China. The band's popularity skyrocketed further after their highly anticipated Mini-album, "Super Girl" was released on September 2009.Super Junior-M debuted in China on April 8, 2008 at the 8th Annual Music Chart Awards with the release of their first single music video, "U". The subgroup released their first Chinese-language studio album, Me, on May 2, 2008 to critical success. The album debuted on Taiwan's G-music combo charts as #2 and #1 on many of China's and Thailand's music charts.Siwon also appeared in Girl's Generation music video "Hoot".Siwon's fans are called The Siwonest, a play on words referring to Siwon's name translating into "cool," and can therefore be seen as "The Coolest."
    TV Shows:Skip-Beat!,Athena: Goddess of War (SBS, 2010),Oh! My Lady (SBS, 2010),Legend of Hyang Dan (MBC, 2007),Spring Waltz (KBS, 2006),18 vs. 29 (KBS, 2005),Precious Family (KBS2, 2004),Parent's Approval (KBS),Charnel Boy (KBS),Movies:Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007),Battle of Wits (2006),Charmel Boy (2005)
    He modeled along with Sulli of girl group F(x) (band) in the March 3rd 2010 André Kim fashion show, receiving much praise and media attention.He has also been featured in notable magazines such as,Cosmopolitan
    Elle, High Cut, and Men's Health, as well as modeling for large brand names such as Armani, Lacoste, Gucci, Evisu, and several other brands. Siwon also makes several prominent appearances in Korean brand Spao's catalogues along with SNSD and other Super Junior members. He also recently endorsed and modeled for the SK Telesys "Reaction" smart phone, also appearing in the phone's comical mock-action commercial, as well as Acer products.Siwon is known for being very religious,sometimes being referred religious,sometimes being referred
    to by fans as "God's #1 Fan," "Soldier of Light," and "Shisus." His fellow Super Junior members laughingly stated that he continuously tried to bring atheist member Heechul to church. Siwon later said in a CNN Talk Asia interview that after his career, he would like to become a missionary.On May 18, 2010, Siwon underwent surgery to remove his inflamed salivary gland. He had been taking anti-inflammatory medicine for the inflammation during filming for the SBS drama Oh My Lady. However, his condition worsened and he had to undergo an operation for it.Siwon has an active and verified Twitter account by the username 'siwon407'.Siwon hails from a very wealthy family, being considered the richest member in Super Junior, with Sungmin being second. Siwon's father, Choi Ki Ho, is the CEO of Boryung Pharmaceutical Group, and has also worked for the Hanhwa Distribution Group and Korean Slim Fashion. Siwon was once asked on KBS's Win Win whether it was true that his family owned a helicopter, to which he solidly denied. His family's background has led him to be featured at the third spot in Idol Chart's Royalty in the Korean Idol World list, with fellow band mate Sungmin being featured at ninth place.

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